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Scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpio Dates: October 23 - November 21
Symbol: The Scorpion
Color: Red
Element: Water
Duality: Feminine
Quality: Fixed
Most compatible with: Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces

Scorpio is the eighth and the most hypnotizing sign of the zodiac. Ruled by planet Pluto and symbolized by the Scorpion, this water sign is passionate and intense. People born under the Scorpio horoscope sign care deeply, but they can hurt deeply as well. They are the detectives of the zodiac, always willing to explore the mysteries of the world. Scorpios are intense and have magnetic personalities, but they're also very jealous individuals with a desire to control everything. Scorpio dates of birth are October 23 - November 21. Find out more about this powerful horoscope sign including Scorpio meaning, likes, dislikes, Scorpio dates compatibility and personality traits.

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Scorpio Traits

Scorpio strengths: loyal, dynamic, passionate, observant, resourceful, independent
Scorpio weaknesses: manipulative, jealous, obsessive, suspicious
Scorpio likes: honest and loyal people, being influential, commitment, finding out the truth, challenges
Scorpio dislikes: casual relationships, superficial people, compromising, indecisiveness, disloyalty, being controlled

Scorpio Personality

Scorpio is known to be the most powerful and hypnotizing sign of the zodiac. People born under this sun sign are passionate and usually have very intense and dramatic personal relationships. These individuals posses intelligence beyond the average, so they often know all the answers. They are extremely sensitive, emotional but very secretive – they know how to hide their real emotions from people. Once they find true love, they will be the most faithful and dedicated partners in the world. However, they can be resentful and unforgiving, so they will never forget or forgive if you hurt them.
Scorpios are very unpredictable, practical, straight-forward individuals who have mastered the art of self-control. When they want something done, they can get obsessive and extremely dedicated towards achieving their goal. On the other hand, Scorpios can be really manipulative and jealous and in the same time, they can be unaware of these negative traits. Their jealousy usually comes out of the fear of getting hurt and this makes them one of the softest signs of the zodiac.

Scorpio Friends and Family

Relationships with people born under the Scorpio astrology sign can be complicated and dramatic. Scorpios are known for their jealousy and possessiveness, but they are also incredibly loyal and faithful to their loved ones. These people have an exceptional memory and they can hold a grudge against someone forever. According to astrology Scorpio rarely forgives and forgets, so they will never forget a betrayal. On the other hand, however, they will always remember a kind and selfless gesture. Scorpios hate superficial and disloyal people. They are amazing, devoted and loyal friends who will never make promises they can't keep.
As parents, Scorpios are likely to be the emotional center of their family. They are sensitive and intense individuals who are able to form a strong and close bond with their children. Scorpios are quite perceptive, so they'll have a unique insight into their children's feelings. One of the greatest challenges for Scorpio parents is the fear of being left alone or let down. They need to leave decision-making to their children and accept the fact that kids need to fly away from the family nest one day in order to start a family of their own.

Scorpio Love and Sex

When it comes to romantic relationships, Scorpios are loyal and dedicated. They long to find someone with whom they can experience a sense of safety. Once they feel that they have found the right person, they will become open and incredibly protective. They're intense people who will take betrayal or disloyalty worse than any other sun sign. Many Scorpios in love lack self-confidence, so they can become extremely jealous and self-destructive. They need to feel that they are truly loved.
As partners, Scorpios are physically passionate, sensual and very possessive. They are great lovers and have amazing sexual stamina. Scorpios are mysterious and give the impression of being emotionally cold which can be very sexually attractive to people. They experience things deeply and intensely and when they are fully committed to a person, they're capable of great sexual devotion and loyalty.

Scorpio Compatibility with Other Signs

As we described the Scorpio above as an intense, passionate, influential, protective and loyal partner, it goes without saying that Scorpio is the kind of partner that values love above else. The mysterious Scorpio is utterly emotional and seeks a connection that spans beyond universes, powerful and deep, fulfilling and unique. People born under the sign of Scorpio can often appear as weirdos, and truth to be told – they might be, but not in a bad way. They are not interested in meeting the norms of the society and that is a good thing. In the game of romance, though, they are quite the romantic type, lighting up candles, taking their partner out on a picnic at a random time of a random day, bringing flowers and other sort of traditional gestures of love. Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces are highly compatible with the Scorpion, but how compatible are the other signs? Learn more about Scorpio compatibility with other horoscope signs here:

Scorpio Career and Money

Scorpios are focused, determined and resourceful individuals. If they choose a job that doesn't support their creative side, they can easily get depressed. They need a job that motivates and excites them and also makes them feel proud of themselves and boosts their confidence.
Scorpios can be great leaders, but they're not so great team players. They are fiercely independent and happiest when they're completely in charge of things, therefore they can often be found running their own business.
Money is not the most important thing in the world to Scorpios and they're never defeated by a lack of money. These individuals can find themselves penniless from time to time, but luckily, they have the enthusiasm, the energy and the skills to pick themselves up and try to earn money again.

Scorpio Man

According to zodiac Scorpio man is extremely passionate about everything in life. Even though he appears calm, steady and cool, this man is really intense. In love, he can be jealous and possessive, but he will stand by his partner and support them in whatever they do. He is picky when it comes to choosing his close friends, but he is a loyal, faithful and devoted friend.
The Scorpio man has the ability to remain calm and collected when everyone around him is falling apart, which allows him to act efficiently. He is never concerned about other people's opinions and always does the things he wants to do, regardless of what the world thinks. When the Scorpio man gets angry, you can be certain that the anger is going to leave a mark.

Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is magnetic, seductive and mysterious. She is stubborn, highly sensitive and egoistic, but when she loves someone, she will do anything for them. She is a loyal and devoted friend and a caring and passionate lover.
The Scorpio woman is not very friendly, so it can be a little difficult to earn her love and respect. But once you succeed to earn it, she will become the most affectionate and loyal partner. However, you should know that the Scorpio woman won't take up with just anyone – she likes people who are as direct and determined as she is.

Scorpio Yearly Horoscope

You're highly energetic and emotional and even though these attributes can sometimes overwhelm you in life, in 2017 the Universe offers you numerous opportunities to learn to control your feelings. In January, Saturn moves to Sagittarius and a positive time for you begins. This is the perfect time to improve your outlook on life and the way you approach life's challenges. Keep your thoughts on the positive side and you will certainly face the challenges and obstacles in your life with more courage. Around April 6, you will see even more challenges arise, so you may feel a bit depressed and discouraged. You're prone to depression, so April is the right time to think about getting professional help. However, by August you should already feel stronger, more positive and you will see improvement and success in all areas of your life. Jupiter lights up your stars in October, which means that you'll learn how to have fun and take life less seriously.


Your relationship is strong and stable in 2017, which is good for you, Scorpio, as it will be a huge source of positive energy to help you trough the difficult times. In August, you will notice that your partner will be a valuable source of faith, emotional support, and energy for you. As a Scorpio sometimes you can become too possessive which can cause your partner to retreat, so remember to keep your jealousy under control. If you're looking for a partner, August is a time of a strength for you, so you might attract that special person in your life during that time. Just watch your jealous nature and give your new partner some space to be able to see the beautiful soul you are. When Jupiter moves into your stars in the month of October, you will become irresistible to the opposite sex.

Health & Wellness

In the beginning of the year, you may experience dental or vision problems, but if you take care of these health problems immediately, you'll be fine by February. On April 6, when Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius, you may suffer from muscle strain or tension headaches due to stress at work. This means that you will need to do some things to relax and increase your sense of well-being in your free time. Try meditation, stretching, or yoga, treat yourself to a relaxing massage or soak in a hot tub and you will certainly feel better both physically and mentally. When Saturn directs in Scorpio in the month of August, you may feel depressed, so let your friends and family help and support you during this time.

Career & Money

In the month of January, you might find yourself thinking negative thoughts about your career because you will feel a lot of pressure at work. This pressure and tension will increase trough April and you will start wondering whether or not to change your job. However, if you want to make a career change, the best time is around June 21, when Saturn is retrograde in your sign. October is one of the most successful months of the year for you because it will open up a new world of endless possibilities, including the potential for fortune and fame. August is a particularly good time of the year for financial gain. This is the ideal time for you to start a new project or make an investment. Do not make wasteful spending choices and you should see a positive financial gain by the end of the year.

2018 is going to a peaceful year for you, Scorpio. You've worked hard over the last few years, and now it's time for a break. The year begins with your ruling planet Mars conjoined with Jupiter in your sign, which means that you'll be a force of nature in the new 2018. Once you develop a plan of action, nothing will be able to slow you down. You can expect popularity and big success this year, Scorpio. Jupiter will provide you with blessings and opportunities the whole year, so 2018 will be a year of personal growth and happiness for you. The Sun will shine in your sign at the end of October, bringing intensity to everything you do. Just remember to be true to yourself and do the things that make you happy, instead of trying to impress others whole the time.


Love and relationships will be a significant part of your thrill factor in 2018. Whether you're in a relationship or single, your love life will be very dynamic this year. Your choices will determine how well or bad your relationships will go this year. Your emotions will be intense, so make sure to talk to your partner about what you want out of your relationship, which should be easy for you since Scorpios are very direct people.

A faceoff between Venus and Pluto in early June will bring you some sensual moments. You're known as the sexiest sign of the zodiac, so if everything goes as planned, your partner is the luckiest person in the world. However, when something is slightly off in your relationship, the opposite can be true.

Health & Wellness

At the beginning of the year, you're going to be in good shape. Your energy level will remain high and you'll feel extremely strong. Just be careful when it comes to dieting or exercising so that you don't wear out your body. Avoid spicy food and include lots of fiber in your diet, and your health should remain stable throughout the year.

Career & Money

Your career opportunities are shining in 2018, Scorpio. This year might bring you a reward for your hard work and career advancement. Just try to think outside of the box and you'll surely get noticed at work which will pay off in the long-run. However, the Mars-Pluto conjunction in April will make you forceful and aggressive, which could result in regrettable career consequences, so you need to be careful during this time. At the end of July, you may lack the focus to get a job done and you can get distracted easily. This is also a good year for investing or buying stocks.

When it comes to money, you're likely to pay close attention to your finances in 2018. You feel safer when you know exactly how much money you have, so you will only spend money on things that you really need. This year you'll feel happier spending money on others rather than yourself.

Wondering what the stars have in store for you in 2019, Scorpio? Your star sign is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, so this year you'll be surprisingly talkative and you'll easily connect with others, even though you've never been one of the most communicative sun signs. 2019 will be the perfect year to strengthen your bond with your significant other or start your own business. Starting in the summer of 2019, until the summer of 2020, you're going to have a period of professional success. Even though you're naturally very resourceful and independent person, this year you'll become even more resilient and self-reliant.

Love & Relationships

Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, resides in your house in the first part of the year, which means that it will bring romance and a lot of surprises to your love life. If you're in a relationship, you will enjoy stability, tranquility, and affection in your relationship. However, starting from November, your relationship will be shaken up, so if you manage to stay calm and patient, your relationship with your partner will move on to the next level. Give more time to your significant other and stay away from unwanted arguments in order to maintain the peace and harmony in your relationship. Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs and intense changes will help you become more open and experimental, so you'll notice a significant improvement in your relationship after March. If you're a single Scorpio, thanks to Uranus, you may be drawn to someone you have overlooked. You may start a brand new relationship in July, August, or September. Overall, in 2019, you can expect plenty of surprises when it comes to your love life and your relationships.

Health & Wellness

You need to be more careful and watch your health more until March, Scorpio. After that you can relax - your health will be good and you'll remain very active throughout this year. We know that you're ambitious and hardworking, but please don't overwork yourself because this can take a toll on your mental health. Try to reduce stress with yoga or meditation, stop thinking negatively, control your diet and look after yourself a bit more. Keep in mind that if you take care of your mind and body, you'll certainly feel happier and healthier.

Career & Money

When it comes to work and money, this will probably be one of your luckiest years for you, Scorpio. You're known to be a big spender, so in 2019 you'll be able to earn a lot of money and live large, without facing any major financial crisis. Jupiter enters Sagittarius in your second house of work and finances and stays there until December, which means that you might get a promotion, learn new skills or start a new career this year. However, you'll have to be especially careful between the months of April and May and avoid excessive spending. In 2019, you'll experience huge professional growth and success, but when it comes to working on your own ideas, you'll have to wait until October to December.