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Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 22
Symbol: The Crab
Color: White
Element: Water
Duality: Feminine
Quality: Cardinal
Most compatible with: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces

Ruled by the emotional Moon, those born under the Cancer horoscope sign are highly sensitive individuals. Symbolized by the Crab, it is perfectly clear that these people have a tough exterior shell, while on the inside, they're big softies. According to zodiac Cancer people are loving, caring and extremely loyal. They often keep their feelings hidden to avoid getting hurt. Cancerians need people they can trust and share their deepest feelings with. The Cancer dates of birth are June 21 – July 22. Read on to get complete information about the Cancer meaning and find out more about Cancer dates compatibility and personality traits.

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Cancer Traits

Cancer strengths: protective, loyal, committed, caring, responsive, dependable, imaginative
Cancer weaknesses: oversensitive, moody, short-tempered, clingy, self-pitying
Cancer likes: being appreciated, history, money, their home
Cancer dislikes: cruelty, being alone, financial insecurity, discussing their personal lives

Cancer Personality

Cancer is known as the most nurturing and protective sign of the zodiac who loves to take care of family and friends. These people will protect their loved ones at all costs and can unintentionally smother their friends with too much affection.
People born under this water sign are tender-hearted and loving, but they're often misunderstood by other zodiac symbols. They find it difficult to express their feelings, because they shut down all emotional responses when they're hurt or rejected.
Cancerians are family-oriented, loyal and dedicated people who will move mountains to see that their loved ones have what they need. They're attached to their homes, which keeps them grounded and make them feel safe and secure. Cancer people are able to spend a lot of money to decorate their homes and fill them with all the things that make their living comfortable.
Cancerians have a fear of rejection and they can become resentful very quickly. If you betray a Cancer's trust or hurt their feelings, you may never be forgiven.

Cancer Friends and Family

People born under the Cancer horoscope sign are caring, nurturing and compassionate with their friends, family members and lovers. However, due to their mood swings and jealous remarks, they can get annoying.
Cancerians are loyal, dependable and trustworthy individuals who will protect their friends and family at all costs. One of their biggest strengths is their ability to make others to feel good and love themselves. They're always willing to lend a helping hand when needed, but they have a hard time expressing their own feelings and thoughts to other people.
As parents, Cancerians are caring and nurturing. They'll give all the love they have to their children and plant their hopes and dreams in them. They'll create a safe and cozy home environment for their children where they can protect them with their generosity and love. However, the biggest problem appears when they become overly protective or demanding.

Cancer Love and Sex

Love and sex are closely intertwined in the mind of the Cancerians. Unless they feel an emotional closeness with their sexual partner, many representatives of this sign are uncomfortable with the idea of physical intimacy. Cancer is the sign that is least likely to have a one-night stand.
As partners, the cuddly Cancerians are romantic and protective by nature. They believe in trust and commitment and are emotional when it comes to feelings or relationships. Romance is particularly important to them and they're unlikely to be happy unless they are in a successful relationship.
Even though they are shy and cautious in love, as soon as they feel that they can trust someone, they'll become loving, devoted and protective partners. Because of their nurturing nature, Cancerians will do anything to satisfy every single sexual need of their partner. They tend to be clingy and overly emotional individuals who always seek safety in relationships. The sentimental Cancerians are most compatible with other security-loving signs such as Virgo and Taurus.

Cancer Compatibility with Other Signs

Caring, responsive, protective, loyal and someone you can totally rely upon, Cancer is a partner who needs some time to develop a strong emotional bond, but once they do, they're in for a lifetime journey together. Individuals born under the sign of Cancer are soft, considerate, loving and nurturing, but they have a hard shell that protects their vulnerability. Romance, love life and parenting are areas where these individuals are better than all other signs. In a relationship, they are committed and devoted, although they need some time to learn to trust someone. Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn,Virgo and Pisces are most compatible with the Crab, but how compatible is the Cancer with the other signs? Learn more about Cancer compatibility with other horoscope signs here:

Cancer Career and Money

According to astrology Cancer people are highly aware of their financial situation so they're generally careful with money. Money to the Cancerians means security and nothing will make them feel more secure than having lost of money in their bank account. However, even Cancerians can be profligate with money from time to time and spend all of their cash on things they really want or on their home and family.
Cancerians are highly imaginative, creative and inventive – they're often ready to gamble and take risks. Besides being creative, they're also very loyal which makes them excellent employees. They should always trust their intuition when it comes to finances, because they're the most intuitive sign of the zodiac. They are cautious about lending money unless it is for a close friend or member of their family.

Cancer Man

The Cancer man is always conscious of his appearance, his home and everything that is around him. He is devoted, sensitive, loyal and he will never get involved with anyone who does not get along with his parents. The Cancer man is excessively attached to his mother. In a relationship, he's generous and showers his partner with both affection and gifts. He is romantic, gentle and devoted and he never shares his personal life with others. He has a fear of abandonment.
For a Cancer male, security and happiness go hand in hand. He likes saving more than spending. The Cancer man has an uncanny business sense - he often implements weird business strategies, but always ends up having good profits.

Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is old fashioned, feminine, sensual and patient. She has deep emotions, but she won't open up to a person as soon as they meet; she needs time to establish a deep connection. The Cancer woman will never make the first move and she craves love and security in a relationship.
Trust is one of the most important things to the Cancer female. She is shy and easily hurt by harsh words which will make her hesitant in doing things. She is a loyal and nurturing person who loves to take care of her significant other, but she also loves to be pampered by her partner from time to time. Her moods will change rapidly, but she'll do everything possible to keep your interest and affection.
The typical Cancer woman is careful with her expenditures and often preserves things that have sentimental value. She is quite possessive about everything she has.

Cancer Yearly Horoscope

2017 will be a year of big achievements, changes, and crucial decisions for you. Your sign is the symbol of home and family, so this year, you need to concentrate on what's most important for you: the comfort of your own home, your family, and friends. Around March, when Venus is retrograde in the sign of Pisces, you will discover a new strength of your mind and body, and you will have the energy to complete projects at home, like renovation or redecoration. You will also find that your relationships with family members will strengthen during this time. Don't be afraid to say what you want to say and express your opinion and feelings - if you communicate your needs effectively, even a long-term family conflict can be resolved in the month of March.


Even though you look tough on the outside, inside you're extremely soft and vulnerable and you prefer to develop strong trust in your personal relationships before you show off your soft side. This is the year to open up your heart more than usual, especially in the month of September which will bring you luck in finding your soulmate. If you're already married or in a committed relationship, you can expect a fresh perspective of your relationship in 2017. You and your partner will make progress when it comes to dealing with emotional conflicts in your relationship and you will begin to be more understanding of each other. On the other hand, if you're looking for a partner, September is the month to break free of your shell and open yourself to new adventures. Jupiter is moving into your house of romance and pleasure in October, so this is also a good time to step out of your comfort zone, go out and meet new people.

Health & Wellness

Around January, when the planet Saturn moves into Sagittarius, you will begin to feel overwhelmed by too many projects, so your first instinct will be to retreat in your own home. You're naturally a homebody, so sticking close to home this year will surely keep your blood pressure and stress levels down. Stress is the biggest cause of numerous health problems, so spend as much time as you can relaxing at home and you'll be happier and more productive. Enjoy long walks, exercise regularly, eat right and get lots of sleep. By September, you should feel much better.

Career & Money

In September, you're going to feel like you're being tested by the Universe when it comes to your career. You will feel like there are too many obstacles to overcome, and as a Crab, you're always hiding from the obstacles and problems in your life. You don't like approaching the situation directly, but if you retrain your instinct and choose to face the problem head-on, you will definitely see positive results. By December, you will finally make the change in your career you have wanted for a long time. Eclipses in February and August move back and forth between your house of earnings and your house of debts, helping you to get a fresh financial start. If you're indebted to someone, this year you'll finally be able to pay off your debts and also, you might get paid back for a loan you made months or years ago. The first nine months of 2017 are ideal for moving to a new home, buying a new car or renovating your house. Towards the end of the year (early December), you will be surprised by a small financial gain and this is the time when you can finally relax your budget and treat yourself to something good.

This year you're more likely to be relaxed and at peace with yourself and the world around you, Cancer. You'll be much more confident and optimistic about the future and you'll have access to all that the stars have to offer you. As long as you look on the bright side of life, you're going to have a pretty good 2018. Even though you're known as a gentle, soft, and emotional sign, this year is going to be full of opportunities to let others know they shouldn't mess with your tough exterior. The Sun enters your sign at the end of June, so during this time give yourself permission to let go of the past - you don't need to take the blame for everything bad that happens. In late October, your psychic abilities will be enhanced and you'll be able to detect everything around you. From mid-May to November, Uranus will move through your friendship sector and you can expect a dramatic change in your social life.


The Cancer full moon in the beginning of January will set a good mood for your love life this year, Cancer. You'll be energetic and able to achieve great things in your love life, only if you set your mind to it. The planet of love, Venus will enter your sign in May and will bring out your most caring and nurturing attributes. You'll be happiest at your home with your loved ones and you'll go through anything to protect the people you love. If you're in an unhappy relationship, this year is the right time to re-evaluate things and see if you can make this relationship work or not. Communication is key for you, so if you fail to communicate well with your partner, then your relationship surely won't last.

On the other hand, 2018 is a year of excellent sexual activity, so if you're married and planning for a child, there are chances of getting pregnant. If you're a single Cancer, then this is the ideal year to find the right partner.

Health & Wellness

At the beginning of this year, you will feel more energized. However, it might be hard for you to figure out how to use all of that energy, so you can try working out more or picking up a fun new hobby to keep your mind and body busy and active. Don't push yourself too hard and rest when you need to. If you know your limits, you should stay healthy throughout the year.

Career & Money

Your workload will be heavier this year, but with enough patience and hard work, you can achieve anything. January is the perfect month to finish assigned tasks. The planet of communication, Mercury moves into your sensitive sign in mid-June, which means that you'll approach communication emotionally, not logically. During this time you're more likely to take things personally at home and at work, which can be a bad idea.

When it comes to your finances, astrologers suggest making sure that you save up your hard earned money, at least for the first part of the year. There's a chance you could face a horrible expense in the middle of 2018, but don't worry because you should be able to earn back your money at the end of the year.

2019 is the year you are going to focus more on yourself than on your closest ones. Sure, they love your attention and your love, but it’s time you take better control over your life.

Cancer, comfort zone might have been good for you over the past few years, but it’s time you get out of it and aim for more than comfort. At the beginning of 2019, you will take a strong initiative to set goals for yourself. Unlike 2018, you will be far more enthusiastic about traveling and moving throughout the year, which you might do quite often this year, especially between the period of March to September. Also, this year you will either start or strengthen powerful relationships that will help you take your ideas to the next level.

In 2019, be ready to deal with big career changes, as well as emotional. There’s a lot in store for you this year. Jupiter and Saturn working together will provide great results for you, Cancer, in all aspects of your life.

Love & Relationship

Dear Cancer, 2019 will be incredibly special and unforgettable when it comes to your love life. If you are single, you will have a lot of exciting dates, full of passion, sensuality and emotions, and you may even find the one. Your self-confidence will give you the required courage to widen your circle of acquaintances and look for your soulmate. If you are in a long-term relationship, 2019 is the year you will face with testing moments that will either break or make your romantic relationship. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, be prepared for a highly intense year. Nevertheless, sex will be as satisfying as never before. Thanks to the eclipses that brought you major intensity to your sex life, your sexual experiences will be highly satisfying emotionally and physically.

Health & Wellness

In 2019, your physical and mental health will be in great shape. You rarely take a good care of yourself, because you usually care more about your dearest people in your life than yourself. This year, however, it is going to change, especially from a mental perspective. You will be committed to solving all of your problems as they arise, so they won’t clutter and cause you anxiety later on. Since you are about to make huge career changes, your health and wellness will be in poor shape at one point, probably around August. If you respect your body and spirit enough to know when to take a break, you’re good.

Career & Money

Due to the presence of Uranus in the house of your career for seven years, you have probably achieved a lot on professional plan. In 2019, however, you will start practicing “work smart, not hard”, because you’re tired of putting all your energy and not achieving the desired results. Around May this year, you will come up with new ideas on how to make money. A remote job or a job in the IT sector might seem like an interesting opportunity for you to try out, as a consequence to your sudden urge for freedom. You will be full of energy and enthusiasm to start something new and invest your best.