Virgo and Aquarius

How compatible are Virgo and Aquarius?

As two exceptional conversationalists, Virgo and Aquarius make a perfect intellectual match. These two will continually grow as they learn from one another and their different views on the world. They have an equal desire to make the world a better place and when together in a relationship, it really looks like they're making it. Virgo and Aquarius are both known as big chatters, which makes it certain that their dates will be full of mentally stimulating talks and discussing deep matters. When they put their great minds together, these two can solve the world's greatest unsolved mysteries or discover a cure for various life-threatening diseases.

In the game of love, however, Virgo and Aquarius will have to find a way to balance each other and embrace their differences. They see themselves in each other in their humanitarian attitude and urge to be socially active. Most of the time, they need a lot of time to know each other well, as they both tend to keep everything for themselves. The Earth sign Virgo can be overly critical, judgmental and paying too much attention on tiny details of minor issues in the relationship for the taste of the carefree Aquarius, who as an Air sign would rather have it easy than seriously. Discover how do Virgo and Aquarius get along in love, romance, sex, marriage and more.

Virgo and Aquarius Love and Romance


As two well-known emotionally awkward signs, it's difficult to imagine Virgo and Aquarius flirting in any other way than simply talking; body language and sensual hand touches are not very familiar to them. When Virgo falls in love, they will show their love and affection through all sorts of small daily gestures. While that's undoubtedly sweet, Virgo's tendency to stick to a routine will make them repeat the same old tried and proven methods of showing love, which the authenticity seeker Aquarius will find boring in time. Aquarius, on the other hand, thrives on changes and innovations and will often pull surprises to their Virgo partner, who will find it rather stressful than cute. If this is the case with these two, this relationship is doomed to fail.

Virgo and Aquarius Emotional Compatibility


Despite the fact that it is hard to imagine a Virgo and Aquarius friendship turning into something more serious, when these two start a romantic relationship, their different emotional nature will collide. Virgo's natural curiosity and constant need to know and ask everything is absolutely going to be annoying for as a laid-back character as Aquarius. As an Earth sign, Virgo craves for stability and doesn't like any changes at all; routine all the way! As an Air sign, Aquarius is always on the move, seeking new experiences, new thrills and personal growth. Although it is going to be a tough challenge, accepting their differences and playing their strengths may boost their emotional bond. Due to their desire for independence, freedom and non-routine, Aquarius will appear as an irresponsible partner to their Virgo partner. However, it's their rational thinking that leaves not much room for emotions, which is why they should both be with someone who will bring more energy and emotions.

Virgo and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility


This is one of the worst matches in sexual compatibility in the zodiac. When sexual attraction happens between Virgo and Aquarius (and that is really rare), there is going to be a lot of stress and anxiety. Their worried minds will go through the act of being intimate with each other a thousand times before they actually do it. This kind of overthinking does not only kill the excitement in the bedroom, but it also makes it difficult for both to take initiative. If they rely on their good communication and have enough understanding for each other, their physical bond may be satisfying. Still, Aquarius would prefer experimental sex, new positions at new places, while Virgo's shy approach to sex and their desire for routine will be a big turn off for the Water bearer and it will send them away soon. So, are Virgo and Aquarius sexually? They better look for another partner. Seriously.

Virgo and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility


Since these two rational thinkers may find a way to think of what ways will their marriage benefit their lives, the success rate of Virgo and Aquarius marriage is around 15 percent. If it weren't for their rational minds, it would've been 0, but these two intellectuals should not be underestimated. If they believe they should marry, then there is a reason behind it. Love, of course, along with admiration for their partner are crucial components of their decision for this new chapter. Still, the odds are not in their favor. The rebellious Aquarius cannot be kept in a routine day-to-day life which the Virgo loves so much. Should they fail to create life at home that will please them both, this will soon drift them apart.

Virgo and Aquarius Trust and Communication


Trust is one of their strongest points in their relationship, because both Virgo and Aquarius don't see a point lying or covering up the truth. They know that their rational partner is never going to lie to them and that is a great feeling. However, they will often find themselves creating a distance between each other (especially Aquarius) and trust is not going to be enough to bring down that wall and be close again. To make it work in a long run, Virgo and Aquarius must accept each other for who they truly are and respect their differences, no matter how hard it may be.

As different by nature as they are, communication may be rough at the beginning. Once they start revealing themselves, they will discover a plenty of things to talk about. Their conversations will be always mentally stimulating, intellectual, informative and absolutely satisfying for them both. The idealist Aquarius will fascinate the grounded Virgo and may inspire them to dream bigger, while Virgo will keep the Water bearer flying a little closer to the ground so a fall won't destroy them completely.

Virgo and Aquarius Shared Values


Intelligence, rational mind and deep and meaningful conversations are some of the values these two share. The Virgo and Aquarius compatibility may not be off the charts, but when it comes to intellectual compatibility, there are not many zodiac matches that can out-think this duo. Nevertheless, since their intellectual strength is focused on different people, thoughts, places and actions, they often feel like they are from different planets. When they turn on their rational thinking, though, they see a partner who understands and supports their dreams and goals and would help them in any way possible without saving their energy or choosing means.

Virgo and Aquarius are definitely not a couple that makes people go "awww", as their way of loving and being in a relationship is more like something that makes sense rather than a relationship full of passion, feelings and warmth. Do Virgo and Aquarius go together? They will probably find something to cherish within each other, but they can both undoubtedly find a much more compatible partner in another zodiac sign.