Year of the Rat

Chinese zodiac Rat

Rat Years: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020…
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Zi
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Water (Shui)
Yin Yang: Yang
Strengths: Intelligent, witty, charming, ambitious, practical, alert, outgoing, adaptable
Weaknesses: Stubborn, timid, greedy, unstable, picky
Lucky Colors: Blue, golden, green
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3
Lucky Flowers: Lily, African violet

The Rat is the first of the 12 animal signs in the Chinese zodiac. In astrology, the Rat represents wisdom, intelligence, and strong life force. If you were born in the year of the Rat , continue reading to discover your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and your compatibility with the other Chinese zodiac signs.


Those born in the year of the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, Rat are very smart, quick-witted, flexible, adaptable, and outgoing individuals. They are curious, talkative, alert, and imaginative and have keen observation skills. Thanks to their strong intuition, Rats can easily adapt themselves to new environments. These people are kind, charming, and huge perfectionists who will work hard to achieve their goals. Rats appear calm and collected, but they can also be aggressive and restless at times. They are very appealing and popular among other people, so they are never without friends or admirers.

They are thrifty with money, but they can be very generous with their loved ones. Even though they are ambitious and hard-working, Rats are not very courageous which means that they are not capable as leaders. One can always tell when these people are upset because they tend to become very nervous and nagging. Some Rats like complaining and criticizing when problems occur, and they can be quite stubborn. They hardly listen to advice from others and are likely to change jobs frequently due to their lack of stability and persistence. However, Rats can be successful at almost everything they try to do because they are easily adaptable people who learn quickly and have great problem-solving skills.


As we said before, Rats are highly adaptable and can be successful at everything. They have good instincts so they're able to spot every chance in business. Rats are extremely perceptive, wise and have good problem-solving and observation skills, but they're not very persistent with what they're doing. Routine kills their creativity, so these people need flexible jobs that involve creative skills. People born under the Rat zodiac sign can be great artists and excellent writers or editors. Any work related to creation, thinking, and invention, is suitable for the Rats. Other good career choices for the Rat include musician, lawyer, stand-up comedian, broadcaster, entrepreneur, doctor, researcher, inventor, accountant or stock analyst.


Rats enjoy good health because they're very active and energetic which keeps them fit and healthy. Some Rats never seem to get sick, but if they do get ill, they're usually able to recover very fast. People born in the year of the Rat tend to be aggressive and nervous sometimes, which can easily lead to stress. Regular physical exercise can help them relax and de-clutter their minds. Rats may suffer a possible stroke or neuralgia, so aerobic exercise can also help them to strengthen blood circulation and rid their body of toxic chemicals.

Love and Relationships

Rats are charming, optimistic, kind, and outgoing individuals who never lack friends or admirers. Rats are kind of opportunists, but when it comes to love and relationships, they are very sentimental, affectionate, tolerant and considerate. They usually treat their partners with tolerance and generosity and always try to make compromises. Rats are not very romantic, but they're loving, protective and loyal to their partners and their families.


Best matches for the Rat: Dragon, Monkey and Ox

Rat and Ox

The Rat is very compatible with the Ox - both signs are very kind, loyal and devoted, and will appreciate each other's qualities. The Ox is very loving and good provider, while the Rat is a reliable and dutiful partner who will keep their home in perfect condition. The Ox is quite but strong person, and the Rat is outgoing and sociable, so this is a fulfilling relationship for both.

Rat and Dragon

This is another very good match since both signs are devoted and determined to make their relationship work. The Rat and the Dragon will find it very easy to trust each other because both of them are very self-confident. The Dragon will be attracted to Rat's positive, cheerful attitude and will be thankful for his/her support and loyalty. Even though the Rat is highly energetic and lively person, he/she will always allow the Dragon to take on the dominant role in the relationship.

Rat and Monkey

This is probably one of the best combinations out there - the Monkey is a great thinker, while the Rat is a very capable, hardworking and cheerful person who is able to get the wandering Monkey to settle down. Both signs enjoy spending time together and always bring out the best qualities in each other, which means that their life will be fulfilling and satisfying.

Worst matches for the Rat: Horse, Sheep and Rabbit

Rat and Horse

The Rat and the Horse are one of the worst zodiac matches. These two signs will not agree with each other's views and beliefs and may lack the effort to work out their relationship. The Horse might be annoyed by the Rat's arguments over small things, while the Rat won't like the Horse's unsteadiness and restlessness. The Horse is a very open person who needs freedom and space, while the Rat doesn't like to reveal his/her inner self easily and prefers the company and closeness of family.

Rat and Rabbit

This couple will not go well together simply because this combination doesn't bring out the best in either partner. Even though they are both charming as individuals, they just won't put enough effort into their relationship. As we mentioned before, the Rat is sociable and active by nature, while the Rabbit is quite passive and doesn't enjoy socializing that much. However, if both partners work hard and try to actually understand each other, these two can be a great match.

Rat and Sheep

This zodiac combination can be frustrating - even though both signs are warm-hearted and tender, they have too many differences. The Rat will not be sure about starting a relationship or a family with the highly sensitive Sheep. They are unable to understand each other and while the Rat is very hardworking, clever, and resourceful, the Sheep has an easygoing attitude to life and likes to be pampered. The Rat is thrifty with money, while the Sheep will spend money without thinking twice. If they really want this relationship to work out, the Rat should not have too high expectations of the Sheep and must be willing to accept his/her extravagant nature.