Year of the Horse

Chinese zodiac Horse

Horse Years: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026...
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Wu
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Huo
Yin Yang: Yang
Strengths: Loyal, energetic, courageous, easygoing, independent, intelligent, strong, positive, warm-hearted
Weaknesses: Impatient, short-tempered, impulsive, unwilling to be constrained
Lucky Colors: Yellow, purple, brown
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 7
Lucky Flowers: Calla lily, jasmine, marigold

The Horse is the seventh sign of the Chinese zodiac and one of the most likable animal signs. The Horse symbolizes energy and enthusiasm, which indicates that those born in the year of the Horse are active, outgoing, independent, and happy individuals who enjoy challenges. Read on to discover everything you want to know about the Horse zodiac sign !


Horses are strong, energetic, cheerful, friendly, and very outgoing individuals. They like being the center of attention and are always in a search of a good time. People born under the seventh sign of the Chinese zodiac, Horse are very intelligent and capable of multi-tasking, even though sometimes they don't finish what they begin because they're constantly chasing new opportunities. Horses have a good sense of humor and are great at making friends.
Sometimes they can be a little self-centered and headstrong. They are impulsive and will act on their own accord without much regard for what anyone else thinks or says. Their spontaneity means that they can be easily distracted and lack the tenacity to see things through. Horses are likely to lose their temper if things don't go as they plan or if others can't keep up with them.


Horses don't like taking orders and they're attracted to jobs that involve communicating with others. They will run from a job they consider boring but they are adaptable and capable of handling any job. Horses have excellent leadership and management skills, and they're very good when it comes to making decisions. These people are blessed with creativity, which means that they will always bring new ideas to a group. They're optimistic and able to quickly resolve any obstacles along the way. Some good career choices for the Horse include journalist, publicist, translator, performer, sales representative, bartender, tour operator, pilot, and librarian.


Horses are generally very healthy, which is probably because they're very active and have a positive outlook on life. These people are extroverts who love going out and being around people. so they will feel ill only when they're trapped inside. Heavy responsibilities, intense demands, and pressure from their job can make them feel stressed. They should be more careful and say no to working overtime if they want to eliminate stress from their life and stay healthy, fresh, and productive.

Love and Relationships

People born in the year of the Horse are very friendly, easygoing, and have a good sense of humor, so people feel relaxed and extremely comfortable around them. They are usually very popular and have a large group of friends. When it comes to love, Horses have a tendency to fall really fast and hard for others. Once committed to a partner, the Horse will be loyal and will sacrifice everything for the sake of that person. However, these people are easily distracted and can lose interest for someone in the blink of an eye. Horses want to be in a relationship but they also want their freedom to be able to go out with friends and do things as they like. That doesn't mean that they're unfaithful, it just means that they enjoy and need their independence.


Best matches for the Horse: Tiger, Sheep and Dog

Horse and Tiger

The Horse and the Tiger are very compatible as romantic partners and they can enjoy a happy relationship. Both signs are enthusiastic, open-minded, easy-going and good at communication. The Horse is energetic and confident, while the Tiger is strong and intelligent and will appreciate the Horse's spirit. Both signs have very lively personalities and are passionate about living life. They share the same views in life and have a lot of respect for each other.

Horse and Sheep

The Horse and the Sheep share a lot of the same interests and know how to spice up their relationship. The Horse is restless, carefree and craves independence and adventure, while the Sheep is domestic and requires attention and intimacy. The Horse is easygoing and is drawn by the Sheep's charm and innocence. On the other hand, the Sheep finds the self-confidence of the Horse very attractive. These two signs respect each other very much and they make good partners both in love and in business.

Horse and Dog

The Horse and the Dog are lively, energetic and hard-working people. The Horse likes to go out with friends and have fun, while the Dog likes peace and quiet. The generous Dog will be fascinated by Horse's intelligence, while the Horse will motivate the Dog partner to get out of his/her comfort zone. Both signs are very enthusiastic, active and can keep each other entertained. This can be a long-lasting union if they're able to overcome the differences which could eventually create problems in their relationship.

Worst matches for the Horse: Rat, Ox and Monkey

Horse and Rat

The Horse and the Rat are different in so many ways. They don't agree with each other's views and lack the effort to work out their relationship. The Horse needs independence and freedom and loves going out, while the Rat enjoys the company of family and friends. The Rat doesn't like Horse's restlessness and doesn't understand his/her need for space. If they want their relationship to last, they will have to make compromises.

Horse and Ox

The Horse and the Ox share some similarities, but they are very different in terms of personality traits. The Horse is a carefree soul who finds it difficult to settle down, while the Ox wants a family. The Ox finds the passionate Horse too restless for his/her peace of mind. The Horse has as tendency to believed that he/she is always right which might not go down well with the Ox. If they want to save their relationship, both signs will have to try and understand each other's drives and respect each other's differences.

Horse and Monkey

Both signs are adaptable, flexible, practical and independent, but they both have strong personalities so they find it difficult to pull along in the long run. Both the Horse and the Monkey are very self-confident and they believe that they are more capable than others. Neither of the two is interested in domestic responsibilities and their mutual desire to be the center of attention could bring out their competitive sides anytime. If they want to this relationship to work out, they will need to put away their self-centered personalities, be a little more understanding and give each other space.